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Sunday, February 13, 2011

諦めない... Don't give up

When exams were over, the relationship with him is over as well.. The same night that exams ended, the same night we broke up.

It was kind of funny. We both were actually waiting for each other's exams to end to ask for break up and it happens that my exams ended earlier than his... when he said " I don't really want to spoil your party mood" ... I already knew what he was going to say. hahahaha. And now we are.. just back to be friends. But one thing I can be sure, there will be no friendship between us after this relationship ended.

"Prepared doesn't mean it doesn't hurt".. what Shiki said was right. I was all prepared for the break up.. or was already planning to... but when it really happened... It still hurts... I cried. silently.. and for quite some time that night. But what to do? It's all over and I should get over it fast... because I don't to worry those who cares for me :')

The next day, outing with the SJCC people was indeed fun. Like a big family playing and running at Sentosa beach. No matter how I tried, I couldn't get that one thing out of my mind whenever I am alone... it's hard of course... there's no way a broken heart can be healed in one night... no way... on the way home... sitting in the bus alone... my expression became emotionless again.. humming the slow and emo songs... and telling myself... "It's enough, after this week, next week will be a brand new start"

and TADA~ I feel all better. V-day? screw that piece of shit 8D


Friday, February 11, 2011

終わりました!!! It's OVER!!

yes yes~ The final examinations of Year 2 has ended~~~~~~ so happy WOOHOO!!!

I'm not sure.. but I tried my best this sem :3 and I'm can say, I'm kind of satisfied with the results I have got so far~ :3 so many As and Bs I got... I really hope the exam is ok too so that my overall result will be pulled up :3

Hmm, even though exams have finished.. but something just can't get out of my mind.

The night before the last papers.. I went to talk to you... and I finally pulled my courage to tell you that next Monday is going to be V-day. then I found out that you didn't even know when my exams end like LOL? and you "...." me? what's this man? :/

oh well, not like I'm really expecting anything from you like always so never mind...

I don't know anymore, now you only left one week to study and I don't want to disturb your studying so jia you ba you... [why am I so soft hearted?]

Gonna spend V-day with mom hohoho~ cos like I care xD pfffff


Thursday, February 10, 2011

もう少し... a bit more...

Just a bit more!!!>A<
*kicked/slapped/punched/stabbed by self* GO FREAKING STUDY YOUR LAST 2 PAPERS!!!! STOP BLOGGING!!!!

yea yea... like I care -u- ( I do care... i will study after this)

Just knew about your exam dates and wow, you only left one week to study after your presentation...? hahah... All the best... I will still be supporting you... mentally only though :x since we are in totally different courses... but that also means.. there's no time for us *smiles*

Attachment... 1st of March.. is not far... 2 weeks more... and I'm totally away from school... 28 Feb.. on that day.. or the day after.. I will keep looking at my phone I guess? hahaha even though by then, my attachment starts.... I will still hope...